Taya Online

Yahki.com is one of the online services provided by "TayaIT", the leading Egyptian company in the field of information technology, with advanced expertise in the field of natural language processing (NLP) and Arabic search engines.

Yahki.com provides a range of flexible, smart, tools enabling the user to collect the best videos, images, articles and posts from all over the web, as well as social networks, using them to create a new story. Yahki.com also gives the user the opportunity to share his authoring creativity in various social networks like Facebook and Twitter to communicate and exchange points of view and experiences. Moreover, Yahki.com gives the user the ability to revisit his story, where he can edit, delete, interact with his followers and check the number of his fans as well as his viewed stories.

In addition, Yahki makes it possible to archive your own stories.

Yahki values your uniqueness and believes in your ability to influence others through your own stories. It empowers you not only by reading other stories but also by allowing you to compose and tell stories from your prespective.

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