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1 - TAPS (Taya Arabic Processing Suite)

TAPS finds exactly what you are looking for and extracts the stem of any Arabic word entered into the search engine. It works on all platforms and is available for popular operating systems, processors, and development tools. The TAPS technology is easily integrated within all enterprise products offered by Taya Enterprise.

TAPS features include:

Segmentation/Tokenization - Determining the boundaries of the unique lexical tokens in input data, including locating punctuation, and other special characters.

Arabic Normalizer - Normalizing the Arabic Word; removing Arabic diacritics (Tashkeel), Tatweel, Hamza Removal and Dots from The Marbouta and Final YEH.

Arabic Light Stemmer - Performing light stemming methods on the Arabic input word like removal of starting “ال ”, “كال ”,”لل ” and endings “ين ”, “ون ”,”ها ”

Morphology Analyzer - Offering Arabic morphology components, which return the root of the input Word

Transliteration - Convert Romanized Arabic words to its Arabic equivalence. (Converting Arabic chats to Arabic script).

Named Entities Detection - Detecting words such as Location, Organization and People

Keyboard Layout Detection / Correction - Detecting automatically the Arabic words if written without converting the typing language and converting it into Arabic letters

Stop Words Removal - Checking if the Arabic input word is a stop word or not.

Synonyms - Map entered word to its synonym.


Information Extraction - Data Extraction Library Is a Toolkit that detects and extracts metadata and structured text content from various documents

Recommendation System - Is a tool that attempts to recommend information items (movies, books, news, etc.) that is likely to be of interest to the user

Text Summarizer - This module is used to summarize input text by using AI algorithms and Natural Language Processing based on TAPS. Its main function is guessing and deciding the most important phrases that represent the inputted text. This tool was mainly built for summarizing texts of news and articles. Currently it supports texts written in Arabic, English, French, with ability to be extended for more languages.

Language Identification - Identify language of documents. The module can detect 40 languages with high accuracy. In addition, it can detect more than one language in 1 document and define which one is the major language for this document.

Predefined Topical Grouping - Classify documents to one of a set of predefined categories (i.e. sports, family, lifestyle, etc…). The detector can be trained for different other topics (done based on customer need) in several languages.

Dynamic Document Clustering - Unsupervised clustering that groups similar documents into separate groups and give an automatically generated label to represent the grouped set of documents.

Keyword Tagging - This is a tool that parses the content of any document and extracts tags, keywords and entities available in text.


An in-house enterprise search solution, based on open source, and can strongly compete with the major enterprise search solutions in the market for search applications of different vendors. It features state of the art AI, machine learning, and Arabic NLP based on TAYA TAPS Suite and opening JAVA API for indexing searching, configuration, and reporting modules of the engine. It supports multilingual search (AR, EN, FR).


Taya Enterprise offers a world class suite of enterprise products to corporate clients seeking an end to end solution for their information management requirements.

Voice to Text

The potential applications of speech to text technologies are immense and have long been sought by data heavy industry. This dream is now a reality whereby Voice-to-Text provides cutting edge solutions and expertise for core speech processing technologies such as speech recognition, language identification and speaker recognition to enable services such as audio and audiovisual data mining (broadcast data, call center data), media monitoring, media asset management, and telephone-based conversational software.


Organizations around the world are generating more data than ever. E-mail has become a vital business application for communication and more companies are transitioning to paperless offices, fueling an exponential growth of this form of information known as unstructured data in the organization. The science and application of merging unstructured and structured data sources is answered by Exalead's Cloudview which utilizes advanced semantic technologies to bring structure, meaning and accessibility to previously unused or under-utilized data in the enterprise information cloud. Cloudview collects data from virtually any source, in any format, and transforms it into structured, pervasive, contextualized building blocks of business information that can be directly searched and queried, or used as the foundation for a new breed of lean, innovative information access applications.


Increasing global competition demands critical improvement in every company's execution of key business processes. As the focus of connecting companies and people throughout the globe to data globally is realized, the need to improve core processes to become more agile, effective and efficient becomes paramount and equates to a reduction in operational costs, while increasing profit margins. Ultimus is the most widely utilized and respected business process management solution in the world, it maintains an organizations' workflow process via a collaborative and user friendly interface. This empowers business and IT users to launch and adapt processes rapidly without the presence of complex programming or coding.


The complexity of the Arabic language has called for an advanced and reliable OCR solution can be commercially deployed within the region. Verus OCR is an extraordinary solution that allows for the conversion of preprinted images into text which can later be edited and formatted on a computer. Through advanced proprietary image processing technology that automatically cleans and orients pages before recognizing text Verus can accurately process real world documents including yellowed pages, poor copies and even stained documents. Previously available only to government agencies and integrators, Verus is now considered the only OCR solution that provides the level of accuracy needed for deployment with Arabic and/or other Middle Eastern languages.


Enterprise Solutions - TayaIT is able to provide advanced enterprise solutions for its clients. Whatever the requirements might be and on whatever platform, mobile or web, our highly qualified team backed up with some of the best talents in R&D are able to crack down any problem in ideal time. Some of our clients are government institutions with really complicated processes and requirements.

Customized Mobile Applications - We have solutions for every business whether financial, educational or commercial by providing customized mobile apps using our state of art technology developed by TayaIT’s Research and Development team.

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