Taya Apps is the "apps" division of Taya IT and strives to deliver useful solutions founded on innovation and excellence to the rapidly evolving device and tablet market. We currently provision products and services to both enterprise clients and end users.

Taya is currently working on converting the archives of several flagship publishers into a powerful discovery experience that empowers an audience in their quest for real time knowledge. These complex projects utilize Taya's core competencies in information retrieval, natural language processing, design and user experience.

Greetings Studio

Greetings Studio is a mobile application that allows personalized creation and sharing of greeting cards.
It works within a social platform that enables people to connect and share their emotions in a very easy and convenient manner. The application simulates real life card making with a huge variety of textures, backgrounds, images and sentiments. Different packs are made available for download that cover all occasions and every day emotional moods. With all that in addition to being able to add personalized text and personal photos, Greetings Studio simply enables users to express their feelings very vividly.
It comes as a mobile application with a web presence where users can create their cards on-the-go, view them directly on the web and share them on social networks.


The authentic Arabian style backgammon game, Tawla, gives players the chance to pit their backgammon skills against a sophisticated AI opponent.
The AI player doesn’t cheat, but definitely puts your strategy (and possibly luck) to the test at varying levels of game difficulty. Players can also match their wits against other gamers using the multi-player feature to play against friends using a single device.

Save The Bomb

Save the Bomb is a challenging puzzle game.The objective is to save the bomb from exploding by directing it quickly as it falls from one shelf to the other and land it safely into the box.
Users feel the challenge of joining the BDU (Bomb Disposal Unit) and racing the clock. Save the Bomb is definitely an addictive game that will keep you playing for hours.


Schedule your calls, SMS’s, and emails in advance
mList is an Easy, Todo List and Simple Task Manager app with Actionable Reminders. It provides users with a powerful tool to effectively schedule, remember and do all their communication-related tasks from ONE place, whether they are phone calls, SMSs, or emails.