Success Stories


As Exalead’s value-added reseller (VAR) for the region we established an agreement with the Dubai Police.

To improve usability and performance, the Dubai Police conducted selected Taya IT, Exalead CloudView integrated with Arabic Natural Language Processing (NLP) Support, for providing a solution as the optimum technology for meeting its needs. Now, police staff can retrieve data as rapidly and easily as they do information on the Web, using a single, familiar text box to launch any search, discovery or analysis task. Results are returned in less than a second, with CloudView’s fuzzy matching technology and auto-categorization (clustering) of results boosting search success and staff efficiency. Moreover, by offloading routine information access requests from Oracle to CloudView, the agency is able to better manage its overall IT costs.


TayaIT provided the UAE Federal National Council a system to convert speech to text. This process is called the speech recognition system which converts audio to text automatically in order to facilitate and organize the process of converting all audio content to text and any related processes. The system includes the following features:

  • Conversion of the audio file automatically
  • The system includes a large amount of Arabic language vocabulary in local accent in order to recognize the speech.
  • Understanding the language and placing words in the correct place
  • Automatically detecting the spoken language
  • Identifying the sound print and following the speaker until he is done.

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