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Taya IT Launch Private Beta

1 st January 2011. Cairo, Egypt. Taya IT, a leading developer of online products, and smartphone based applications, have sent private beta invitations to influencers in the Arab webosphere for, its new storytelling platform which allows MENA users to curate content by seamlessly threading together different content from the web.


The private beta which launched today, will allow the first ever users of the site to choose a topic, and collect their favourite relevant content from the web in one place to reuse it whislt adding their own narrative. Users will be able to aggregate this content from various sources including Google News, Twitter, Flikr, and Wikipedia, with Facebook due to be integrated in the coming weeks. Seamless and easy to use curation tools, mean users will be able to drag and drop various content on a single page, and create new stories in the process.



Taya IT Appoints New CEO

Creators of appoint Ashraf Tawakkol to head up Enterprise and Online divisions

15 February 2010. Dubai, UAE. Taya IT, the regional specialist in enterprise and internet search applications today announced the recent appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer,  Ashraf Tawakkol.

Mr. Tawakkol, formerly Chief Operating Officer at Good News 4 ME, has over 20 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience in designing, developing, managing, and marketing pioneering digital products and services.  Before joining Taya IT, he founded Integrated Groups, a regional market leader in interactive mobile solutions which was later acquired by Orascom Telecom.  Mr. Tawakol also co-founded Zawaya Digital Media where he held the position of CEO till 2008.

As CEO of Taya IT, Mr. Tawakkol will be responsible for heading up the company’s two divisions: Taya Enterprise and Taya Online, which provide totally integrated IT solutions to regional companies, and cutting edge search applications for internet users respectively.



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